סגור את תיבת החיפוש
סגור את תיבת החיפוש

Israel's top lecturers deliver inspiring talks about their journeys, achievements, and insights gained along the way in their professional careers

Now more than ever, Israeli and Jewish communities around the world need to strengthen unity, solidarity and Israeli identity.

The Speakers Arena from DABRA is a new platform that brings together the most popular lectures in Israel for companies and organizations, as well as educational institutions, the military, and the government.

The Speakers Arena was developed by Rafi Agiv – a talent agent since 1995 who has been managing speakers since 2005.

The passion for discovering inspiring people and unique stories that leave a lasting impression on viewers and listeners is what led him to develop a platform with the best content in the field of lectures and workshops.

Our booking managers will schedule relevant lecture dates for you according to your needs and will take care of every detail of the booking and delivery process.

The speakers presented here are prominent figures in Israeli culture and deliver their lectures in Hebrew and English, in person or online via Zoom as needed.

The lectures cover a wide range of topics, including personal stories, professional achievements, and insights on various subjects.

Itai Anghel – Israel between Hamas, Iran and Ukraine

The lecture that is a must-attend event for anyone seeking to understand the complex and rapidly evolving landscape of the Middle East.

Itai Anghel's expertise, combined with his unique access and experiences, as the only Israeli journalist who has been covering conflicts in the Middle East and around the world for 30 years, provides an invaluable perspective on the threats and challenges we face and the potential implications for the future.

Itai Anghel and Amos Nachoum – On Fear and Creation

In Times Like These, When Fear Becomes an Inseparable Part of Our Lives – Itai Anghel and Amos Nachoum, Face to Face in a Conversation about Fear and Creation.

A special and fascinating encounter between two people who manage to create out of fear and uncertainty, and who touch with their creations – each in their own special way – the hearts of many.

Ben Shani – 7.10 Unveiling the Human Spirit Through the Lens

Since October 7th, Ben Shani has been documenting the stories of Israelis whose lives were forever changed on that fateful day.

His reports, aired weekly on the most acclaimed newsmagazines shows in Israel, bring the war and its heroes into every home in Israel. You are welcome to hear about his insights and firsthand accounts that provide a powerful, emotional, and educational experience.

Idan Chabasov – Challah Prince

So far, Idan Chabasov has taught more than 15,000 satisfied people from all over the world, including French, Germans, Americans and Israelis from different Jewish communities around the world, how to braid and bake dream challah.

The CHALLAHPRINCE brand that Idan Habasov picked up with ten fingers has gained immense popularity and more than 473K followers wait every day in anticipation of his next recipe. "It all started when I started baking in Berlin, out of a real longing for the taste of challah."

Assi Azar – Coming Out of the Closet in Israel

Assi Azar, one of the most famous and loved TV personalities in Israel, is inviting you to an hour long conversation about  the crucial and powerful journey that the LGBTQ+ community in Israel has been through over the last few decades.

From fighting for the right to celebrate a small gay pride parade in Tel Aviv in the 80s, which the police broke up, to hosting the biggest pride parade in the Middle East in 2019, with more than 200,000 visitors. All of this, alongside his personal story from a boy in the closet to one of Israel’s leading LGBTQ+ advocates.

Arik Zeevi – Winning the Daily Battles

The lecture "Winning the Daily Battles" combines personal stories and the analysis of various situations that Arik faced in the past as a competitive Olympic athlete, who participated in four Olympics (2000, 2004, 2008, 2012) before retiring from competitive sport.

After the loss in Sydney 2000, which resulted from faulty judging (the same judge was suspended for two years following his decision), Arik had to muster himself for an additional four-year journey for the right to compete for an Olympic medal. In 2004, he did it and won an Olympic bronze medal. "We all experience failures and moments of crisis, the question is how do we mobilize ourselves towards the next challenge?"

Pascale Bercovitch – Say YES

Paralympic athlete, lecturer, journalist, director and an Israeli writer.

"Say YES!" is the amazing story of Pascale Bercovitch and her coping from the moment that she lost her two legs in a serious train accident

Yehuda and Maya Devir – The Art of One Frame

Yehuda and Maya Devir , Israeli married comic artists, TEDx speakers and "the Most Creative Content Makers" winners of INFLOW GLOBAL Awards 2019, .

began illustrating their life in comics in 2016, when they moved into their first apartment together in Tel Aviv as newlyweds. In the years since, One of Those Days has become one of the biggest viral webcomics on the Internet, with millions of followers around the world

Gideon Livneh – Comedy. Magic. Mentalism

Gideon Livneh, a magician and stand-up comedian with over 15 years of experience, a versatile and multifaceted entertainer who offers a unique and unforgettable experience to his audience.

A unique blend of mystifying magic, telepathy, and hilarious comedy. This show combines skilled illusions, mind reading, improvisation, and stand-up for a truly entertaining experience

Ben Sela – Work Life Passion

Ben Sela is a sought-after television personality and lecturer who brings you 60 minutes of escapism from reality, only to return to it stronger.

A light, funny and fascinating lecture, from the world of positive psychology, that will make you feel relatively normal in the abnormal times we are living in. It's not easy to fly through life, especially not these days, but with a lot of sensitivity and adaptation to the situation, Ben will lift your spirits, give you tools for improving relationships, and most importantly, make you understand that someday, in a while, it will be good here. Simply because there is no other option

Yael Arad – Excellence in Sports | Business | Life

"Excellence in Sports | Business | Life" – an analogy between excellence in sports and excellence in business and organizational values, by the Olympic medal winner,

Yael Arad, that reviewing on stage the motifs and events that led her to unprecedented success in judo on the international stage and achieving Israel's first Olympic medal.

Shahar Peer – Point by Point

Shahar Peer is the best Israeli tennis player of all time, at her peak she was ranked 11th in the world.

In her fascinating lecture together with her father Dovik: "Point by Point" Peer deals with crisis management, stubbornness and mental wars in international tennis.

Yossi Ghinsberg – Bringing Amazon Survival Skills to Business

‘Bringing Amazon Survival Skills to Business’ is a mesmerizing storytelling session that will keep audiences riveted to the edge of their seats.

However, this total absorption facilitates also a deep learning experience. His survival skills for business are designed to shift your attendees’ perspective and inspire them to always assume responsibility, taking their game to the next level.

Amos Nachoum – Picture of My Life

You are welcome to hear about the thought process and preparations a wildlife photographer needs to make before each assignment and every day for their work.

Using his imagery as examples, he will discuss thinking about creating images that have not been seen before, and what it takes to successfully execute them.

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